About me:

Hi! I'm Derek O'Donnell. I'm a very cool guy (my own words). My clients often describe me as "professional", and it's true! My goal is to be calm and collected on the day of your wedding. Capturing the moments as they happen while making sure you receive beautiful, timeless photographs. 

I've worked with bestselling authors Rupi Kaur, John Irving, and many more. I have also collaborated with publications like SHARP Magazine, Globe & Mail, and Vogue Arabia, among others.

Some fun facts about me: My favourite movie is The Cable Guy, I have a cat who both loves and hates me, I always bring a second pair of pants to every wedding I photograph because I'm known to bust the seams when I crouch.  When I'm not photographing weddings I shoot portraits, events and funny things I see on the street. 

Well, what do you think? Contact me at derek@derekodonnell.com

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